Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mentioned in Despatches ... and Stripping Clothes and Paper

This week myself, and a number of other bloggers that live and grow here in Wales ... a couple of whom some of you should know ... have been featured in a Thompson and Morgan blog post.  My bit has this photo of the polytunnel.

It's a lovely piece and well worth a read.

See it HERE.

Meanwhile on this chilly damp and very Autumnal day I'm very firmly indoors and the place looks like a bomb has hit it, well  the bedrooms do anyway as I tackle something I've been telling myself to do for ages.  Sort one final time through all my clothes and finally get rid of everything that I don't wear, things bought that just aren't 'me' etc etc.

It looked neat when I started on Tuesday late in the afternoon while things were still confined in boxes, hung in the wardrobe and safely tucked away in drawers ....

... then I started hanging things on doors, draping things all over our bed and the spare bed and I quickly lost the will to  live, went and fed the dogs and took them for a walk.  Yesterday saw me turning a blind eye to the mess and driving to Manchester for lunch with Mum, today sees me putting off finally finishing the task by blogging about it instead  ;-) 

But once I've finished this post and drunk my coffee I will get stuck  right back in and once and for all minimise my clothes to a level I'm happy with.

Did I mention that I'm simultaneously stripping out the living room ready for redecorating at the weekend?

No wonder I get confused  :-)

Sue xx

Monday, 16 October 2017

The Last Of ...

At the start of the growing year it's all about 'the first of the ...', now we are into the tail end of the growing year and it's pretty much all about ' the last of the...'.  This morning I brought in the last of the Broccoli, the chickens were lucky I gave them all of the leaves and some of the stems ...

... but the rest went in a big pan to make this weeks lunchtime soups.

I padded it out with some celery, a couple of onions and a couple of homegrown potatoes, then a handful of soup mix for added goodness.  After the first stirring I decided a few cloves of garlic and a pinch of chilli flakes would be a good idea.

They were ... the finished soup is a well rounded very healthy tasting panful of green goodness.  Much nicer than some other green things we've been trying recently.  I'll tell you more about that tomorrow, for now I have to get off the computer as it's telling me it wants to start an 'important update'. 

And anyway I need to feed and walk the dogs before the weather turns any nastier than it already is here.  We woke this morning to a weird and slightly eerie yellow coloured world and after a day of sunshine and blue skies it looks like the high winds have brought the yellow clouds back again to round off the day.

So that's ' the last of ... my blogging ' for tonight then  ;-)

Sue xx

Saturday, 14 October 2017

An Autumnal Still Life

Stepping out into the drizzle of this morning to pop something into the recycling stack, my eyes rested on the scene from the back door.  It's like an Autumnal still life ... so I nipped back inside to grab my camera. 

The leaves falling from the trees tumble down onto the pots on the patio with any hint of a breeze, blurring the edges of pots, saucers and tarmac and giving everywhere a coating of the finest of autumn colours.

Standing out from all this are the beautiful Cosmos flowers, pink and white and crisp for a day before the damp in the air ages the petals far too quickly, but as soon as one flower fades and drops another is there to take it's place.  I sold lots of pots of these at car boot sales over the Summer so I do hope the people that bought them from us are enjoying as good a display as we are getting.

The old tin bath full of herbs is scruffy and looks to be way past it's best, but the herbs it contains are still in almost daily use as one of us steps out from the kitchen, scissors in hand for a sprig of this or that to add to whatever dish we are making for our tea. 

An Autumnal still life .... perhaps it's hiding my mojo  ;-)

Sue xx

Thursday, 12 October 2017

I've Lost My Mojo ...

I've lost my mojo!!

I feel just like this little doggie, although it's a bit chilly to fling myself face down on the patio and anyway my sore back wouldn't allow it  :-(

Tucked away with my mojo is my 'blojo '  ...  I'm being very careful not to add a couple of additional letters there  ;-)

This might have happened !!

Remember when 'Mojos' were sweets along the lines of these Fruit Salads and Black Jacks ... very politically incorrect I assume these days, but we were innocent back then and life was so much more simple.

Anyway at the moment life is strange, I haven't been able to do the things I thought I wanted to do, I don't know if I even want to do the things I think I should want to do ... and even if I try to do them and succeed a little bit it puts me back a few days and further into the confusion.

Now I bet you're as confused as me, if you've lost your mojo and happen to find it. see if it has a friend there with it, if it has and you think it's mine please send it back here as soon as possible.  If when it arrives it's not actually mine, I will start a collection and distribute them to anyone else in this position at a future date  ;-)

Sue xx.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Binge Watching The Great British Bake Off

While I've been laid low with my bad back I've been surfing from sofa to chair, to office chair to kitchen stool, but whenever I've been on the chair or sofa in the living room I've been glued to the television and the Great British Bake Off. 

As well as the new series being on every Tuesday night, Really channel has been showing daily re-runs of previous series.  So far I have watched my way through series three and four and today they have just started on series one .... I don't know why they chose to do it out of order like this unless of course I have missed a first showing a few weeks ago!!

I have never seen series one before so I'll be particularly glued to this one. 

My first thoughts were that Paul looked exactly the same, somehow Mary looks older ... and much less polished,  and the format is slightly different with the tent being moved from town to town for each episode as well as there being only 10 contestants.  It's going to be a good watch  :-)

I also watched my way through the 2015 Comic Relief specials that were shown Monday to Thursday this week.  It was so lovely, but also sad to see the beautiful Victoria Wood in action.

This years series is going great, I watched the first episode out of curiosity expecting to dismiss it straight away as second best but I was hooked from the first five minutes.  The newcomers really do make up a good team.

What is your opinion on the new series ... and is there anyone else watching the old re-runs and enjoying them as much this time as the first time around?

Sue xx

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Bringing In the Cabbages

The high winds of the weekend took one of my little net wigwams off the Veggie Patch under cover of darkness ... where they took it too I have no idea, it's completely vanished ... so the cabbages that were safely nestled under it have been exposed to the elements and the critters that live on the hill, that last bit sounds like something out of a horror movie doesn't it  ;-)

Alan even walked along the road looking for the wigwam but no luck!! 

So I had no choice but to start bringing the cabbages in and processing them.  This first lot were soaked in salted water, rinsed and then shredded and whizzed in the salad spinner before being frozen as they are.  As we should be eating them over the course of the Winter I thought I would see if I could get away with not having to do a mammoth blanching session.

The Sweet Chestnuts in Nut Wood were falling off the trees so they have all been brought in and taken out of their very prickly coverings.  This is the first proper crop from these trees, we were really pleased to get so many/

In other news ... I still don't waste anything and this lone crust was whizzed in the Nutribullet ...

... just three seconds later and I had a tub of breadcrumbs for the freezer, the next crust I get I'll do the same to and fill the tub up to the top  :-)

Sue xx

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

It's October

It's October ... September has gone ... and WOW what a month.

It started off with us having no water for almost two weeks, then we had a weekend in bonny Scotland and went to one of the nicest weddings we've ever been to, when our niece Erin married the love of her life, Darren in the greatest of style. 

Yes,  my lovely hubby scrubs up very well  :-)

I was stocked up with lots bargain vegetable seeds for next year and somewhat of a change for me ... lots of flower seeds too.

I did an Approved Foods order, something I've not done for ages ...

... and saved myself a shed load of money

We managed to get a couple of rolls of the sort of wallpaper we've been looking for for ages in the bargain bin in B&Q, ready for decorating the living room later this month.

We dressed a sheep!!

She's now doing much better, she's still with us and healing nicely .... although once again she's naked apart from her own now growing woolly jumper  ;-)

I filled the freezer with meat of every description for my carnivore of a man.

Got back into menu planning.

Processed homegrown vegetables ...

... in bulk!!

Bought a new book.

It's strange that this should stand out but I really have stopped buying books like I used to .... who would have thunk it,  haha  :-)

We put some of the raised beds to sleep for Winter.

And weeded those that we are still eating from. 

Before ...

... and after.

And now to round off the month nicely I have pulled something in my back so am having to take it easy ... really easy. Not something I find easy in any way.  Although chasing one of the Lavender Pekins off the main road first thing this morning is doing nothing for it's recovery!!

Naughty Jill.

So I'm going into October with a whimper and a whine ... and luckily a still live chicken thanks to a nice man who passes daily and recognised it as one of ours and knocked on the door to let me know.

I'll probably be back tomorrow with another post, as the office chair is currently the most comfortable chair in the house  :-)

Sue xx